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Rules GVRC Classic Cup 19

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RULES 2019 :
I think that the Basic of the Cup will not change ,
everyone in every car must have the chance to win the Cup .

1.0 Drivers' Championship:
Championship points all drivers to start
- no registration on GVRC Portal
– 10 best international Drivers get Trophies
– 5 best national GVRC Drivers get Trophies
all other placed get winner's certificate

1.1 Team Championship:
Championship points 2 drivers per team
- Registration on GVRC Portal
- 5 best Teams get Trophies
all other placed get winner's certificate

- - Registration - -

you can win only one trophy

For example:
In the Driver Championship you have the
In the Team Championship you have the
So you get the Cup for the of Team Championship
All prizes without guarantee !

2. Rallyes :
It will be 12 Rallyes , during from Monday to Sunday.
Two worst results don't count towards the final standing.
Only change setup and tyres in service.
The Stages are “Top Secret”, so that can not be trained in advance
and it is so a fair solution for all.

2.1 Multiple Accounts:
It is not allowed to use multiple accounts,
in the official Rally are forbidden and can lead to exclusion.

3. Request for tournament reset :
one at each Rallye
No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or "Did not start to SS ..."
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.

4. Replays :
The replays of some drivers can be checked ,so we can be sure of a fair Classic Cup !
I will inform the drivers via CZ plugin by pn
Everybody must keep his own replays for 3 days after each rally.
Requested Replays are to be sent within 3 days , after this time you will be disqualified.
After examination of the Replays it is decided whether there is a punishment(penalty).
The height of the punishment(penalty) is decided from case to case from the Classic Cup management .

4.1 Replay time penalty :
Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on
The replay must be uploaded immediately after the rally !

4.2 Cutting:
the street can be cut at the curve interior with a maximum of 3 wheels.
Depending on the cut, a time penalty of 10-30 seconds is given.
When a driver cuts a line in a stage more than 3 times with all 4 wheels on the inside of a turn,
a time penalty of 180 seconds is given to the fastest time in his class.
If the driver does not make a cut by losing control over his car is not given a penalty.

5. Cars :
The Classic Cup 2019 only will run with NGP physics.
You can change the car or group every rally without losing the points.

6. Classes :
Following classes from the tournamet allowed :
Provisional classes are in following order,
it can be made after each race a new classification if needed :
car list 2019

7. Points :
At same score at the end of the Championship,
1. the driver with the most wins become the " Classic Cup ‘2019"
2.the driver with the last win become the " Classic Cup ‘2019"

Points will be score in every class after follow formula :

Driver in class – placement in finish + 0,5
to multiply with 1000

"Driver in class" = mean all drivers who finished the first Stage

all Information in Addition on

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